Monday, December 5, 2011

Helper Cats

Nathan and I have two cats. We adopted both of them from shelters and love them dearly.

Catcat, age 9 ish?

Friday, age 3

The cats like to "help" us do things here at home. Like sit in our window when we're trying to study because there is an oh so interesting squirrel. This is seriously the closet I've ever seen them sit to each other. Usually this proximity would result in hissing and flying fur.

Oh hai, squirrel in the yard...

Although I love both our cats equally, Nathan adopted Catcat before we were married, and she is definitely his cat. She's an intelligent, fairly thoughtful and exceedingly sneaky little best who always finds the most inconvenient times to insist on being in the way.

Just like Nathan (just kidding, dear).

Friday, on the other hand, is my baby. He sleeps under my arm at night and I hold his paws in mine. Seriously. Nathan didn't believe it either until he woke up in the middle of the night and saw it for himself. Friday runs into walls, always wants attention and has the most bizzaro fascination with stuffed hedgehog toys.

Oh hai can't get anything done today because I'm too cute!

Friday, more so than Catcat, also succeeds at "helping" me sew. He seems to have this magnetic draw towards the exact pile of fabric I need to work on a project. If I go want to go work on a project that's been sitting around for a while I will, without a doubt, walk into my sewing room to find Friday curled up on the pile of unfinished blocks. I'm also waiting to accidentally catch his tail in my sewing machine. 

 Le sigh. 

I like to tell myself this is good preparation for having small child helpers. Although at least those will have thumbs and can be put to work! (just kidding, mom, don't worry-the only person I want working in my fabric sweat shop is you!)

Do you have any special helpers?

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