Sunday, November 20, 2011

First Craft Fair

We had our first craft fair this week, and our first ever sales! I didn't think sewing could be so exciting and so nerve wracking at the same time!

Look, Momcat! These are our things!

The fair was at Grace United Methodist church, where Prairie Sewn Companion shared a table with two other vendors (and friends!), Miss Adventure Designs and A Life Beloved. Sharing a table with friend was a great way to not only keep costs down by splitting the booth fee, but also to provide moral support for each other! 

McKenna of Miss Adventure Designs, me and Jane and A Life Beloved

The show was fairly slow, although each of us did sell several items. We spoke with some of the other vendors, who agreed it was a very slow show with no one making very many sales. It was still great fun to get out there and talk about the products that the Momcat and I have put together, and to hear kind comments from people about our workmanship. It was also great to have our friends come out to visit and support us-seeing friendly faces really made it an even better experience! 

Jane of A Life Beloved

McKenna of Miss Adventure Designs and Bob of....well, Bob

Despite the somewhat slow start to the craft fair scene, I came home feeling energized and excited about this adventure that I'm undertaking with the Momcat.  I learned a TON about things we still need to work on, and made some good connections with other Indiana crafters. 

Five Lessons Learned: 

5. People like to see lots of choices, so inventory is important.
4. Five dollar bills are your friend-bring more than you think you'll need in change. 
3. Talk about your work-people seemed to really like hearing about how the Momcat and I are doing this together. 
2. Reach out to other vendors-they can help give you ideas and network!
1. Five cups of coffee, a coke and a hot chocolate, while keeping you awake and caffeinated, will make you crash hardcore at about 6:30. It will also make your friends refuse to get you Starbucks for fear of adding to the caffeine frezny! 

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